As Principal Landscape Architect at Land Design Egypt, Ismail Mostafa brings extensive working experience in landscape architecture, landscape construction and construction administration. These skills and experiences have contributed a flexibility in taking on a full range of design projects. These include residential, resort, compound and large scale commercial landscape architectural design.

Ismail Holds a Landscape Architecture degree from CalPoly. A leading University in the Landscape Architectural field located in Los Angeles, California. His experiences of study and work in California where climatic issues such as water conservation, drought tolerance are keys to a successful environmentally sustainable design. Ismail has transferred these experiences to Egypt.

Consulting for such many Egyptian real estate developers has added to this experience. As a result, he has had the opportunity to design and oversee implementation of large and small scale projects and administered mega-projects such as Marassi, El Gouna and Uptown Cairo.


LDE has its roots in Ismail’s family history of farming and engineering.  Ismail’s late father Adel Niazi Mostafa, was a pioneer in both agriculture  and irrigation design, having established the first farm using drip irrigation and building the first greenhouse in Egypt in the 1970s. In the 1990s, Adel and his wife, Fatma Sakib together founded Egypt’s first landscape design firm to offer full design services from concept to construction documents and specifications. Then named “Hydroscapesegypt Egypt”, it has since been rebranded as “Land Design Egypt”.


Ismail’s vision for LDE is to contribute to Egypt’s landscape industry by establishing a more level-headed sustainable approach to design. An approach that conserves water, is environmentally friendly and aesthetically beautiful. He believes that Egypt has surpassed the idea that a landscape is just the use of plants to make an environment green at any cost. LDE wants to start designing in a deeply meaningful way taking into account future environmental resources.